The right solution at the right place

Exense is about finding the best solution to your problems. We build and adapt open-source software
to deliver battle-tested products and help you manage your IT organization in a more sustainable way.



We build and support battle-tested solutions based on cutting-edge open-source software (see We're currently working hard on implementing a full-featured open-source APM and are also working on publishing and packaging a full test-automation stack.


We offer auditing and consulting services in the fields of automated testing, performance analysis, business service monitoring and analytics. Occasionally we also help projects get back on track if they're stuck with a technical problem (architecture, integration, java development issues, etc).


We publish material for self-service learning on a regular basis, such as documentation and tutorials, digests of our technology watch and means to help you develop and adjust the long-term strategy of your information system. We can also provide on-site training as well as temporary external resources to support a project.

The denkbar initiative

We've founded an open-source collaboration platform which aims at sharing technical solutions and facilitating communication between software engineers and more specifically, performance and testing experts.

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About us

At exense we focus on providing clients with mature technical solutions that fit their IT strategy. Not only do we offer advice based on many years of combined experience in the IT business but we bring ready-to-use proven solutions which we've already implemented, tested, and deployed elsewhere and then made accessible via our open-source platform. While we strongly believe in not reinventing the wheel, we're also aware that certain companies have specific issues and we're glad to tackle a challenge when no existing solution suits your needs. With proven skills in scalable application development and an excellent track record as an agile development team, we're able to make things work and make them work fast.

At exense, we don't just copy and paste. We think and we deliver.

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