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Step illustration

Scalable automation at your fingertips

Step is the first open-source automation platform for Automation As A Service.

Engineered for high efficiency in industrial contexts, Step also democratizes automation by providing a service accessible to non-technical users.

Based on its modular architecture and collaborative management system, Step unifies and streamlines workflows across practices and teams involved in automation projects.

Last but not least, Step ships with a distributed platform for the execution of massively concurrent automation scenarios and a flurry of integration plugins to cover just about every possible technical challenge.

Oryon illustration

Java client testing made easy

Oryon is an automation tool for Java UI applications (typically fat clients based on Java Swing and FX) which allows users to easily record and replay interaction scenarios. During recording, scripts are generated which serve as a blueprint for subsequent (automated, simulated) interactions.

Djigger illustration

Are you struggling to monitor your Java apps and diagnose performance problems?

djigger is an open source performance monitoring and profiling solution for Java. It is suited for 24/7 monitoring in production and offers a wide range of features. Node.js, python and possibly .NET support will also be on our roadmap in the future.