The A-Team

Our lead team combines deep technical expertise and a passion for excellence, driving our mission to provide top-tier consulting and cutting-edge technology solutions. Meet the experts who steer our vision and ensure we remain at the forefront of technological advancement.

Jérôme Comte
Founder & CEO
David Stephan
Head of Development
Tim Rasim
Lead Frontend Development
Jonathan Rubiero
Lead Cloud Engineering
Christoph Langguth
Lead Backend Development
Jérôme Brongniart
Lead DevOps Engineering
Céline Kahn
Lead Branding & People

Our mission

At exense, our mission is to empower businesses through expert consulting and the development of unique software tools.

We specialize in creating solutions that streamline testing and automation tasks, allowing our clients to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy. Our flagship product Step exemplifies our commitment to innovation and quality. Through our dedicated consulting services, we partner with clients to tailor our tools to their specific needs, ensuring they derive maximum value and maintain a competitive edge in their industries.

Mission blocks illustration